Globike is a simple way to order
bicycles online

In this case study, the focus was to develop a responsive web flow to order bicycles online where people could navigate in the simplest and reduced way possible.


UXer | Product designer 


One month

July 2022.

1-home-responsive copia.png


A flow to order bicycles in the online market with various brands

for occasional users, people with reduced mobility

and users who use the bicycle as a means

of transport in everyday life.

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1-home-responsive copia.png


A multi-brand marketplace and order flow

Finding your bike online is easy and buying it is just

as simple. It's the goal for Globike webpage.

Secondary research

Disclaimer: All the data can be found here Barómetro de la Bicicleta 2019 or here Darpedales.

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Who buys bicycles in Spain?

Women promote the use of bicycles in Spain. In 2019, the proportion of men remained the same (58.9%) while women riders increased by six points (42.8%).

Three key concepts

The increased association between mobility, environmental safety and health value remains the main advantage of cycling for users.

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Who are our users?

Image by Chris Henry


is a weekend cyclist who needs a good bike because he prefers to spend a lot on a good bike to enjoy the road more comfortably.


is a daily rider who needs a cheap urban bike because it is her daily vehicle.



is a paraplegic rider who needs a hands bike because he wants to train to be a paralympic athlete.

Consult  the complete identification process and empathy  here.

Competitive analysis

It was to determine the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses to better develop the Globike web page.

Image by Harpal Singh


A clean and simple layout

increases the usability

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor


Conventionally designed websites create an intuitive flow for users.

Image by Nathan Dumlao


The minimum number of clicks facilitates to complete

the user's goal.

Check the complete competitive analysis here.


The sitemap

After defining users and analyzing related webs, It's time to ideate and understand the relations between pages.

site maphierarchy .png
roadbike page mockup_edited.png
basket mockup_edited.png
order complete mockup_edited.png

Low fidelity prototype for desktop


Low fidelity prototype for mobile

High fidelity prototype for desktop


High fidelity prototype
for mobile


5 second test

 The brand is "New cycle" or "New Bike". 

I didn't see where the menu and cart were I guess it would be at the top right.

I didn't see the button to see more content.

Opinion Scale

43% considerer super easy to use, 43% felt it was easy, and 14%felt almost easy.

Mission's paths

23,6% avg. misclick rate.

83,3% avg. success

15,5sec. avg. duration

Design issues

increase the image sizes and price visibility. Review the checkout elements .  

Check the complete usability test report  here.

Usability test

To understand how real users interact with the website

Flows of prototypes tested with thirteen users, performing tasks and recording and analysing the results to iterate and improve the product.


Try out the prototypes

I have improved the product to the final version based on test results and user feedback.

Click here for desktop


Click here for mobile

Next steps


Add more support to adapted bike users.


Add more details about safety road advice.

Read detailed case study here.