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mobile mockup with different screens of the MusicALL app

MusicAll is a collaborative music app because of you.

In this project, the focus was to develop an app where people could listen to music freely but with the possibility to donate or shop items from the musician's shop.

It was part of the Google UX design Professional Course.


UXer | UI designer


Three weeks

April - May  2022


Share musics, improve musicians income and simplify the experience to listen music based in the personal mood

Often suggested playlist does not correspond to real user mood

It will better create a mood playlist and eliminate the shuffle option.

A lot of ads  interrupt the experience

Donation and buy option instead of ads or subscription.


Create an app to promote musicians and get paid for it just by donating or selling merchandise products.

On the other hand, create a simple platform for the user to listen to music based on their mood or preferred musical style.

User research

Two rounds of interviews with two groups: musicians and users.

These were done by phone. I start by assuming that bands would like to put albums free for download but would also like to increase revenue. On other hand, users prefer to donate what they feel rather than listen to advertising or subscriptions. It has been confirmed.

Research insights


A lot of Ads generate interruptions in the experience. It is hard to compete with free apps. So, let’s try the free 

donation option.


Annoyed users with the impossibility of choosing the specific music in the freemium app version.


The suggested playlists do not correspond to her preferences or mood. Maybe creating a mood/vibe playlist based on the main human feelings.


Find here the main user flow to listen to a song and collaborate with the artists.

I Established the user flow and then, wireframe, low fidelity and then high fidelity prototyped a mobile app in order to minimize risk and prove the concept quickly based in the user research results.

visual representation of Information architecture
hand mand sketches of the musical app

The usability tests are... Read more

How does it work?

1. User goes through language and log in. 

Easy navigation flow, usability, readability, and accessibility, including more than one language.

2. Choose the mood or style.

Minimalist design focused on the goals was essential.

3. Playing music based on it.

Simple and straightforward:

Listening to music based on mood or style

4. Users can collaborate
with musicians.

It’s essential to be clear why this app is free and without ads.

Next steps


Turn available podcasts and audiobooks


Voice commander

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