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collage with plants, legs and insects with a orange ball and yellow irregular background

Hi, I'm Kauê Oliveira,
UX | UI designer and
Illustrator. Let's work together.

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Highlighted projects

Healthcare SaaS Redesign

I worked on the redesign to improve the filling out of patient information and generate cancer prediction experience. My role involved understanding users' pain points to reduce mental effort, increase consistency, and simplify the flow to enhance the user experience. 

ancla home
hands is holding a tablet with the Euvi app mockup

UX Design applied to help endangered aquatic animals

All the steps of the product design. From the sketch till the final prototype is ready for development. The best rescue team can be found based on the information provided - an accessible and user-centric design app.

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UX design for collaborative
music app

Design thinking applied to product design. I worked through the five phases of this case study: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test.

mock-up of Musicall app
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other works
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Other works

About me

A visual designer and researcher

After taking the Google UX design professional certificate and UX research course from Minnesota University and connecting with the Sociological and Anthropological knowledge from the BA in Social Sciences linked to my experience in graphic design and illustration I have been doing some prototypes of digital products as well as food app, meditation app, digital magazines, ebooks and e-commerce.


I'm fascinated by social and cultural behaviours and human-computer interactions I have been doing some interfaces as well as trying to understand how I/ we can create better and more useful digital interfaces

and products. Now Kaue Oliveira UX | UI designer and illustrator is... Read More

collage decoration old paper cutted witg some maps references, montains and a orange sun
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