Hi, I'm Kauê Oliveira
designer + illustrator. Let's move on the
UX / UI side.


___________Highlighted projects

UX design & prototyping for collaborative
music app

Design thinking applied to product design. I worked through the five phases of this case study: empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test.

Maria bola a smart ladybug.jpg

UX Design from 
printed children's
book into a web

I worked as product design transforming the book into a website: prototype, test and implementation . Audiobooks was an inclusive solution.


___________Other works

___________About me

Designer and illustrator from Alagoas, Brazil.
Currently based in Barcelona, Spain.

I am currently improving my knowledge as a UXer | UI designer doing the Google UX programme at Coursera and understanding how I can connect Sociological and Anthropological knowledge from my career in Social Sciences and experience in graphic design and illustration.


Fascinated by social and cultural behaviours and I have been doing discourse analysis for the past few years as a content moderator, while doing graphic design and editorial illustrations as a freelancer.

Read more about me here.